Psychological Assessments

Psychological assessment includes intellectual, adaptive, academic, personality and diagnostic evaluations.  
Psychological testing is often helpful in the fields of medicine, education, psychology, psychiatry, law and social work in that it may identify strength or deficit areas, clarify a diagnosis, and inform treatment goals for psychotherapy.  It may also prove helpful for parents or other advocates who are seeking a "second opinion" regarding a diagnosis or other classification. In my practice, I offer several specialized assessment services.  These include:

Bariatric evaluation Neuropsychological evaluation Educational testing Pre-surgical screenings for lumbar fusion Pre-surgical evaluation for implantable pain therapies  
--Adoptive parent evaluation
--Dementia evaluation / screening
--Intellectual disability determination
--Forensic evaluation
--Personality evaluations
--IQ testing
--Fitness for duty evaluation
...among others.  

My testing experience includes children, adolescents and adults.  Please contact us if you are interested in these specialized services Appointments for psychological assessment are usually made within one week.  The testing typically takes place over several hours in one day, though on occasion more than one meeting may be indicated.  Written interpretive reports are usually available within 10-15 business days of the final date of assessment.  A feedback session is scheduled at that time, during which the evaluation is reviewed in detail and significant findings explained.  Fees vary based on the referral question and subsequent number of psychological tests administered, scored, and interpreted.