Psychotherapy With Children

My approach with children integrates play therapy techniques, applied behavior analysis, and skill building approaches, i.e. social skills training, social problem solving.  Other family members, especially parents, are encouraged to participate actively in the process.   This may involve learning more about your child's needs, developing new parenting skills, or doing "homework" with your child between sessions.  I have experience working with a wide range of childhood disorders (e.g., anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autistic disorder, Asperger's disorder) and issues often seen in childhood such as the effects of bullying or the birth of a sibling.  I am also glad to consult with teachers and other professionals to address behavioral challenges.

Appointments are most often scheduled once per week.  The frequency and duration of treatment may vary based on the needs of your child.  In some cases, psychological testing or educational testing may be recommended.  This will be discussed in detail and any questions answered.